Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Callie's First Snow

Callie loves to be outside and since it has been so cold outside, we haven't been venturing out. Today she has been looking and whinning to go outside. I bundled her up and let her spend 5 min in the snow. She could barely move, but at least she got to experience the snow.


Keeping Callie entertained is pretty easy. I just open the pantry and let her go at it.

Daddy's cooking buddy

You can't be in the kitchen without Callie. The other night, she helped daddy make cookies.


Callie loves to help me clean. She loves crawling through the dirt when I sweep. The other day, she even grabbed the broom and tried to sweep herself. She follows me through the house and plays with the cord while I vacuum. The other day while I was picking up all the toys before I vacuumed, she turned the vacuum on twice. She even helps with the dishes by climbing onto the door. She is going to be mommies little helper.

Dog fur

One thing I hate about our dog is his fur. Our dog sheds so much. This is after one brushing. I don't mind brushing him because I can vacuum it up right afterwards and the house looks fine.

The only problem is that the crawling baby loves to crawl through it and pick it up. I think Callie has learned her lesson though, putting fur in your mouth isn't very fun and it doesn't taste good.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Sale

I'm so excited to say that I've sold my first stocking. Actually I sold 2 of them. I'm pretty excited. I've been working pretty hard during nap times and any other time I have to come up with new designs, getting them made, and posting them. I was getting worried that I wasn't going to sell any this year, but now that I think about it, it's not even Thanksgiving yet. People don't have Christmas stuff out and aren't thinking of it. Hopefully I sell a couple more this Christmas so we can put the profits towards a new water heater(ours is beginning to go out). I'm even more excited for after Christmas when I can play around with different ideas I have for Etsy; Kid tents, baby blankets, burp clothes, and more.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 Months

Callie is 8 months! Where did the time go? She has grown so quickly this last month. She crawls like an expert. She wonders around the whole house all by herself. She cruses around the furniture and has let go a couple of times. She has a 3rd tooth finally coming in. She loves to crawl and climb on people. She plays all day with a basket full of binkies, but won't take one. I stopped nursing her (too much biting, and she wasn't getting enough) and has now just started taking bottles during the day. She has started taking longer naps during the day.

She loves to read books, especially ones with animals. She will whisper, scream, and even growl at you.Callie says momma and dadda, but not to the right people. She loves dropping balls into things; cups, spinney toys, etc. She loves to be chased while crawling. She helps pick out her clothes and all the rest of her clothes out of her drawers in the morning. When she wants down, she will squirm until you let her down.

Callie loves to get into the pantry while mommy is cooking and pull everything out. She even chewed on a apple dipping Carmel container until she opened it and ate some Carmel. She still loves her veggies and is slowly beginning to like fruit. She has become very demanding. If she doesn't get her food fast enough, she bangs on her highchair. She can pick up her food with her thumb and pointer finger and feed herself. She always tries to take the spoon away from you and if she does, she throws it right on the ground. She loves Popsicle and shaved ice (thanks Grandma).

Callie has experienced her first full body rash this past month. She is still getting over one of her worst colds. She has wiped boogies all over our furniture. She loves to be outside and will scream and shake when we go outside because she is so excited. She cried when I put her back into the stroller to come back home, she was having too much fun in the leaves. She doesn't have enough patience when it comes to mommy taking pictures. Here are the ones I could get in their raw form, no editing done except for cropping, and I think they came out pretty well. Thank you neighbors for letting me use your yards, fences, and benches as my backgrounds

Friday, November 12, 2010

Something on the side

Now that I get to stay home and spend my days with my beautiful little girl, there isn't a lot of disposable income. I've thought about getting an evening job or as needed job to bring in a little bit and cushion our savings, but I just haven't found anything yet.

Today while Callie was napping, I was trying to find an example of an angel I could put on Callie's stocking. I was looking all over Etsy - a site where you can sell and buy handmade items. I couldn't find any good examples. I couldn't even really find any good stockings. Maybe I'm just biased and like my stockings best. I though why not, I'm going to post them and see if they sell. I have several friends who sell their things on there. So this evening, I opened my site. I had to think of a name, and I actually had to design a banner. Come check it out. There isn't too much on it, but I'll be adding more, when I have time.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Into new things

Watch out mommy and daddy, Callie has found out how to open cabinets.

First pony tail

Well, if you can call it a pony tail?

another project

The family sitting next to us at church this last Sunday has a little 2 year old and he was coloring so quietly next to me. I noticed he had this wonderful contraption that held his crayons. I saw it and knew that I could make one too. I bought some fabric at Walmart and maybe spent $2 and came home and cut it up. I ended up getting 2 crayon holders out of the fabric. I'm pretty happy on how they came out. After looking online, there are quite a few templates and patterns for this project. I'm excited for when Callie can start coloring.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

looking for daddy

Yesterday, Loren was outside washing out the dog pool and winterizing the hoses. Callie wanted to watch everything he was doing. It was pretty cute watching her stand on her tippy toes to look out the window to see her daddy.

playing in water

I was folding laundry while Callie was crawling around the room and this is where she ended up. In the shower playing with the water that was left over. We have a little water baby on our hands.

licking the door.MOV

I found Callie behind the curtain doing this.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bean Bag project done

We needed bean bags for some of the carnival games at the last church activity, so it got me moving on one of my many project I want to do. I was planning on doing each bean bag in a different color, but then with budget restrictions I found my pile of jean squares staring at me.

I made a bean bag for each letter and I am very happy with the denim. The fabric makes it more durable and it allows Callie to concentrate on just the letter then the colors too. I can't wait to teach Callie her ABC's in a fun and creative way; tossing them into buckets, pulling them out of the bag, spelling things on the floor, hiding them in the room, putting them on the floor and standing on them, the possibilities are endless.

For colors maybe I'll do different color balls and have a whole different activity. If you have any ideas, let me know.

In the way

Callie doesn't care what is in the way of the things she wants. She climbs over toys, animals, and even me if I'm in her way. We've got a determined little girl on our hands. Terrible twos are going to horrible.

Caught you

We taught our dog to not get on the couch and he has never tried to get on the couches while we are around. But we have noticed him getting on the couches at night to sleep. At night he usually wakes up when Callie starts crying and gets onto the ground before I get up. Loren and I don't care that he sleeps on them because every time we make him a dog bed it gets chewed up and taken outside. We think it's pretty funny that he tries to hide it. The other night I caught not only him on the couch, but him cuddling with the cat on the couch. I love my sweet animals.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funny Things

I have to blog about these before I forget about it. Callie is getting this little personality that cracks Loren and I up.

Two weeks ago when Callie was sick, she had a very runny noise. I was sitting in the chair in the family room and she was standing in front of it. She would put her face to the chair to rub her noise on the chair, then pull it back very slowly to watch the boggies make a string from her noise to the chair. She continued to do it for about 5 min. I wish I had had my video camera, but I couldn't stop laughing or get out of the chair.

Callie has begun giving kisses, but if she decides to give you one beware. She kisses with a mouth wide open and slobbers all over you.

She has learned to chase us and the dog. The past couple of days we will crawl and hide behind the couch and she will come and find us and when she does she just cracks up laughing.

Callie just sits and talks to herself, but growls at us.

She has been sneezing a lot lately, and when she does she laughs.

We love you Callie, you are too funny and make us laugh everyday.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Callie walking with her new toy. The kitchen floor is a little slippery for her, but she still does well.


I bought this toy for Christmas, but how well Callie is crawling and pulling up we know she will be walking before Christmas. She got so excited about getting it out. It makes me excited for her first Christmas.


She won't fall asleep in her bed, but she will fall asleep fine in her high chair. I just don't understand it.


We've always hated the vertical blinds, and now that she found them we have a reason to replace them with curtains.