Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cooking with Memaw

Callie's cousin Wyatt spent the night one night we were in Wichita and in the morning they helped Memaw cook breakfast. I don't think there was a day that Callie didn't help Memaw cook.

Callie's Wichita Birthday

Since my family in Wichita doesn't get to be with Callie on her birthday, we decided to celebrate it a little early. Callie wanted an Elmo cake, but wasn't the first to blow out the candles because Wyatt beat her to it. She loved each present. I can't believe how much she has changed since December. At Christmas we had to open her gifts. On her birthday she ripped through them with the help of Cousin Marquel.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just a few words...

Callie has been cracking Loren and I up lately. I have to write these down somewhere before we forget.

The other day I was driving Loren to the bus stop and we were talking. When we pulled up to the stop Callie said sternly "Get Out". I guess she was ready to get back home and go back to sleep.

When Callie has something that she doesn't want us to play with she says, "I take it away" and hides it behind her back. I guess she has seen us do that one too many times.

Then yesterday we had picked up some lunch and I guess our food was better than hers, so she wrapped it up in the package and told us it was hot and not to touch it.

We sure love our little Callie and her corky personality.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


There is a group of ladies in our church group that has little girls the same age as Callie, so I decided to have them all over for a Valentines day play date. Before they came over, I had to try to get a good photo of Callie.

Callie never sits still, so trying to get a photo of her is very difficult. In this first one, I was smooshing her head between the cookie cutter and my head. I do love her little smile though.Here she wasn't happy one bit, that she wasn't the one taking the photo.I finally got her to sit still by having her balance the cookie cutter on her head. We had a wonderful Valentines day and I hope you did to.