Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Baby News

There isn't much news yet...because he is enjoying where he is right now.  I'm dilated to a 3 and effaced to 30% as of last Friday.  I'm sure it is farther along today, but there is no way of telling.  Sunday night I lost my MP and have been having contractions here and there.  I've been getting things together to make sure we are ready for the hospital (sitters, bags, house cleaned, etc).

I took a long walk last night with the dog to try and get things going, but all I got out of it were some painful Braxton hicks all night long.  I know he isn't due until the 25th, but I'm so ready for him to be here.  I'm tired of having all the pain (cramping and contractions) that started at 20 weeks that I didn't experience with Callie.  I am glad that he is staying in there until he is ready, and hopefully won't have any issues when he is born.  I'm just a little too impatient.

As for the name...I think we have one picked out for him, but I think we will wait until he is here to make sure it fits him.  We would hate to announce it and then change our minds.  Sorry.