Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our walks

Every evening, Loren and I take Bowser for a walk. He loves his walks and enjoys seeing other people and dogs along the walk. Well I think he told the cat how much he like it. Monday when we started walking, the cat sat in the front yard and watched us walk down the street. He then started to follow us. Loren turned back to put the cat in the house, but by the time Loren shut the door and walked to meet Bowser and I the cat was back on his heals (he goes out the dog door). But this time he was meowing. This is weird for our cat, he never meows. This time Loren took the cat back in the house and stayed there to play with him. I finished the walk and went home. Then on Tuesday, evening rolls around and we put the leash on Bowser, and start our walk. The cat is out there again, following us. Loren is so worried that the cat would follow us and then get lost, so we walked up and down the main street we live on and let the cat follow us. Then we put the cat inside and locked the dog door. We went on a longer walk with Bowser and when we got back the cat was mad. If only the cat would walk on a leash, we could take him on walks too. Poor cat.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our cat is so weird. We picked him up as a stray at our previous place and took him with us to the new house. He loves us so much. Below are some pictures of our crazy cat. Artard taking an afternoon nap with Loren, hiding in the used Costco boxes, playing in a glass bowl, trying to get into a small box, and enjoying an egg roll. We love our Artard.