Friday, September 28, 2012

Sand dunes

 On the way home from the elk ranch we stopped by the sand dunes for a little fun.  Callie loves playing in her sand box at home, so these big mountains of sand were just heaven.  She loved digging a hole for daddy to sit in and she loved running and jumping down the side of the hills.  She did get a little dirty though.

In the velvet

 Grandpa Turnbow knows a guy in the Rexburg area that has an elk farm.  While we were there this past summer, we got to go and see them while they were in the velvet (the horns are still growing and they look and feel like velvet).  Each elk was so careful not to touch another because their horns are so sensitive at this time.  It was pretty amazing to see how big some of these animals were.   

Horse back riding

 We started off by Callie riding with Grandpa, but then she quickly got on her own horse.  I think we have a little cowgirl on our hands.