Thursday, May 26, 2011


I can't believe how much stuff we have. Our community garage sale is coming up in 2 weekends, so I decided to have a few things in our drive way for sale. Come to find out, I'm willing to part with much more then that.

I've cleaned out Callie's room, the hallway closest, and now I'm migrating to the master bedroom. I must be in a simplifying mood. Anything we haven't used in the past year is going to be in this garage sale. I even went through all of Callie's old clothes that have already been boxed up and pulled out things I never put her in (if I didn't put Callie in them, I probably won't put the next one in it either). Hopefully I have time to go through everything before this garage sale.

I'm even selling my bedroom set. We've decided we want to move up to a king mattress and my bed frame is a queen, so why keep the dresser and night stand if we don't have a matching headboard. Hopefully the sell of the bedroom set can buy us that new king mattress.

Sometimes it feels good to get rid of stuff and simplify our lives.

Monday, May 23, 2011

New drink

Callie has been playing outside so much lately and we are trying to make sure she gets enough fluids. She enjoys water, but doesn't drink a whole cup full. We only give her 100% juice and you can't find too many different flavors at the store we shop. I did find it in a box juice. She loves them. I don't know if it is the little straw she likes to drink from or what, but she will drink all 6 oz of the juice. It is pretty cute seeing her be very gentle with bag of juice so she doesn't squeeze it and loose any of it.


Callie has just figured out bugs. She is always looking on the ground for the random ant or in the dirt for worms. The other day I looked outside to see what she was doing and I found her playing with a rolly polly. If was so cute watching her try to figure out this little bug that continued to roll up. Then all of a sudden she smashed it. Oh, gross! She didn't mind one bit. She just went on playing.

Helping out

Our vacuum broke a while back and we were waiting for a part to come in. After waiting 2 weeks and not hearing anything...I went in to the store to find out the issue. Come to find out, the manufacture doesn't even have the part and they don't know when they will have the part. Come on people, don't you think it would help giving me a call and telling me this. Loren and I had called the shop 3 times to find out what was going on. We will not be doing business with them anymore. I couldn't wait any longer. I had them cancel my order and we went out that night and bought a new vacuum. Going over the living room once filled up the tank. I couldn't believe how dirty it was. We did have a little helper with her own vacuum. I'm so happy to have a vacuum. I think I've vacuumed every day since.


While Grandma Smith was in town, we had wonderful weather. One evening we were setting up the sprinklers and Callie couldn't get enough of running through them and getting wet. The next day we put her in her swim suit, but she didn't want anything to do with the sprinklers. I guess it is a little colder when you have bare skin.

Computer Baby

Callie will not let you sit down and do anything. If you begin to type, she pulls your hands away. Her hand has to be on the mouse. I'm pretty amazed that she knows how to use the mouse and can find it on the screen. We've got a little computer baby on our hands.

Friday, May 6, 2011


The garden is on its way. Callie loves playing with the dirt and today she tried it. I tried to get her to spit it out, but I don't think it phased her. Oh well, dirt can't hurt. I did get a great picture of her playing with the seeds. It's going to be a great summer playing outside.

New words

Callie was playing in her room while I was putting away her clean clothes. She sat down and pointed to her toes and said toes. WOW! I was shocked. I haven't worked very much with that body part, and it came out of the blue. Let alone knowing where it was, but that she said toes. She is such a smart little cookie.

As to date she now knows where these are at...
belly button

Things she says...
bath time

I'm sure she says many other things, but we can't understand them yet. She jabbers all the time and I'm sure she means soothing. One of these days it's going to start coming out in sentences.


Sorry I haven't had much time to post let alone take pictures. Etsy has really taken off this last month and we are off to a good start in May also. April had 39 orders and so far I've had 10 orders (plus one to Loren's co-worker) in May. I'm still loving designing and making the items, but I sure do love the extra money. If things keep on as they are...I don't know what is going to happen this Christmas.

Monday, May 2, 2011

reading the scriptures

Every evening, we read the scriptures with Callie. We thought we would start out with the picture book to try to get her interested, but all she does is try to do is distract us and get us to laugh. It is pretty hard to get through a story when you have a giggling gremlin on your lap.

bucket on the head

Callie likes walking around with a bucket on her head. I think she gets her weirdness from Loren's side. She is pretty good at walking not knowing where she is going.

animal sounds

My little Callie making kitty and bee sounds.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


The voting is now open. Please help by going to Vintage Revivals and vote for #70 by clicking on the little start under my name. Our family room really needs your help.