Thursday, March 31, 2011

In the bowl

I got out the red bowls for Callie to put her toys into, but I guess she was wanted to be in them more.

Always helping

I was painting some trim the other day and Callie found the step ladder. She loved going up and down it, which I was kind of shocked she was able to do by herself.

My little one year old

I still haven't gotten great pictures of my little girl, but I think that will be an ongoing fight from here on out. Callie had a wonderful 1st birthday. She went to the Doctor last Friday and here are her stats.
Weight 21lbs 2 oz 50%
Height 29 1/4" 60%
Callie loves to be involved in what ever you are doing whether it be sweeping the floor or pulling your hands away from the key board. She still loves taking baths and even puts her face under the water. She is becoming more of a picky eater, but she still loves her rice cereal. She is wearing size 4 diapers and clothes between 12 months and 2T. We have yet to get her car seat (we ordered it online and they are shipping it), but we are very excited to get her turned around. Callie has many emotions. She can be fine one moment and then screaming at you the next. She gets frustrated with toys if they don't work the way she wants them too, therefore some of her toys we won't allow her to play with anymore. She still loves watching Barney and we try to keep it to a 1 a day max. Callie loves to be outside and will escape out the dog door if it is left open. Her hair is growing and we can finally put it in a little pony tail. She loves play group and being around other kids. Even at church last week, she walked up to a little boy that is 1 1/2 months older than her, gave him a hug and put her head down on his shoulder. We sure do love this little gremlin.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011


Since I've opened my Etsy shop, I've found a love for designing. I love to come up with new ideas (well some I've seen pictures of and I create my own pattern). If I had an unlimited budget and as much time in the day...I think I would create new things all day long. There is a need in me to see something in pieces and then see the end product. It could be the whole finishing a project that makes me so happy. I'm not sure. I ended up buying too much fabric to create the car seat canopy, so I made a few other things.Diaper and wipe carry all.Matching bib.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Riding on Daddy

Riding on Daddy

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Now that Callie is 1 she can have peanut butter. She loves it. Here she is trying to share her sandwich with me.

Car Seat Canopy

My friend Ainslee makes Car Seat Canopy's and sells them on her Etsy page and around the stores here in the Boise area. Her's are so dang cute, I wanted to copy the idea (not exactly like hers) and make one for my cousin. I love that you can open up the front and have it snapped close. I'm not going to sell these on Etsy, I don't want to compete with her. But I am going to sell them to my family and friends if you want to buy one. I'll be charging $30 plus shipping. The one is the picture is already spoken for, but I can do any colors and or designs that are in the stores.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Around the neck

Callie has this weird obsession with having things around her neck. She usually grabs a pair of jammies, string, or whatever she can find and puts it around her neck. Even in the bath tub, she has to have a washcloth around her neck. Does she just want to be fashionable with a scarf or is my child just weird.

Callie's Cake

Callie didn't hesitate one bit on the cake. I've never seen a child dive this quickly into destroying the cake.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Big Girl

I'm just loving this little one year old. Here she is after a busy day with family, food, and celebrations. She wassoooo tired, but she was good enough for us to snap a photo of the family.
I made my first custom name fabric quiet book and it came out pretty cute. It took me forever to make, so I ended up rising my prices for any additional ones I make. I did need a good example to show, and I think this one came great.

For sale at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Callie!

I can't believe it was a year ago today that my little bundle of joy came into my life. I can't imagine my life without you. The 9 months of carrying you and the 12 hours of painful labor for you to arrive here, was all worth it. This past year has gone by so fast. You've had so many firsts. We love and cherish each moment with you. Your personality has bloomed and you have become such a sweet little girl. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Mommy and Daddy Love You!These are the only pictures I got of her today. I will re-post better pictures once I have her year pictures done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Watching Barney

Callie doesn't watch tv, but does look at the tv when music is on. She kept bringing me a video today so I put it in. She watched the whole show, of course it was Barney with music and dancing. She just loved it.

What a mess

We left the trashcan in reach of the little mess maker. Good thing it was only scrapebooking trash.

Yummy Chicken Nachos

I was reading one of my blogs I follow and they posted a recipe for chicken nachos, and I decided to try them. In a crock pot add 3-4 chicken breasts, 1 jar of salsa (they tell you to use fresh salsa, but I didn't have fresh), and 1 can of black beans. Cook on low for 8 hours. After it is done, shred chicken. I laid out chips on a cookie sheet and put mixture over each chip. Then I sprinkled with cheese. Add a side of sour cream and yummy! It was a cheap meal and we usually have all the items in our pantry. It kind of reminded me of ChiChi's Nachos, Oh how I miss ChiChi's, but these will do.

Paper Garlands

I've been trying to think of ideas and project to sell on Etsy which are easy and I have most of the material at home. I've seen circle paper banners for sale and decided to make a few for Loren's birthday. They were so easy, I ventured out to other shapes. I've sold 2 strands of the circles, 15 strands of the flowers, and I'm still talking with someone who wants to buy 6 strands of raindrops. I'm so excited to be going this direction and using up a few of the stacks of scrap-booking paper sitting around the house. The raindrops have been such a hit on Etsy, they have already made it on 3 treasuries within 2 days. I'm pretty excited.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleeping beauty

Callie only took 2-30 min naps today. I was on the ground letting her crawl all over and me and she kept trying to get between me and the couch. She is back behind me playing with something underneath the couch when I notice she isn't playing anymore. She fell asleep. This is the first time she has gone to sleep somewhere other then her bed. She did take a good hour nap. The funniest thing though, a new TV show started and had great intro music. She got up on all fours from a dead sleep and danced (rocked back and forth) until the music was done. Then she laid her head down and went right back to sleep. I was cracking up. I love this goofy little girl.

Happy 30th Birthday Loren!

Last Friday was Loren's birthday and we had a little at home celebration. I decorated the kitchen, wrapped his present (Diet Mt Dew), and made him a cake. Callie and I took him out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse where we enjoyed our very unhealthy dinner. Loren even ordered grilled shrimp (he hates all shrimp except fried) and loved it very much. Callie even ate ribs, sweat potatoes, rolls, carrots, and cheese. She enjoyed the loud music and the waiters dancing (we might have to take her there for her birthday next week). We then came home and had cake. It's pretty sad that I made Loren light his own candles, but he got all 30 of them out in one blow. Happy Birthday Loren! Callie and I sure do love you!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bath time

Callie loves bath time. When ever we tell her that it is bath time, she will run down the hallway screaming bath time. I guess I caught her off guard sitting in the hallway, but you can see the excitement in her face as she tries to run.

Getting squished

Callie loves to be squished. Here she is being squished by mommy. I love her smile here, it isn't one of her fake ones. I love being goofy with this little girl.

Daddy's little helper

Helping daddy game.

Cheeto Hand

This is what her hands looked like after she got a hold of the Cheeto bag.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I turn my head for a minute and she got the Cheetos out of the pantry, opened the bag, spread them on the floor, and had eaten a few. Man... this little girl loves Cheetos.

Happy Baby

This is how I found Callie after her first nap today. She is never usually this happy.

Is she too young for a boyfriend?

I was watching my friends boys today and Callie loved sitting on his lap, cuddling, and kissing him. We are in trouble?