Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girlie girl

Baby girls are just too much fun. I never thought of myself as a really girlie girl, but I love dressing Callie up. I love all the little dresses Callie has. She has been growing so fast that she can only wear them about once before they are too small. Today she looked like a little flapper, so we decided to go out in the front yard today after church and get some cute photos.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Callie has laughed in her sleep since she was a newborn. It started out with a small body movement and some heavier breathing, but you could tell she was laughing. Lately she has been laughing out loud while she sleeps. This past Monday, Loren took Callie and I out to get some ice cream for family home evening and I think she laughed out loud. I was in the back seat trying to get her not to cry and I was making goofy faces and swinging my tongue side to side. She either cried in a weird laughing pattern or actually laughing out loud. Today she did laugh out loud. I was changing her diaper and blowing/kissing her belly and she giggled out loud. It was too cute. I've tried to get her to do it again today, but I haven't had any luck. I can't wait to hear her laugh all the time.

Bowser's new trick/bad habit

I guess it's really not a trick, but Bowser has recently found out that the couches are soft to lay on. Bowser has always been very skeptical of laying/walking on blankets, cushions, and mattresses. He has never been on our bed or even tried getting onto the couches. It really surprised Loren when he was leaving for work on Wednesday to see Bowser all spread out on the living room couch. Today I even caught him climbing up onto the love seat to take a nap. We have never gotten him a dog bed because he chews every blanket up, but now that he wants to sleep on something, I guess we will have to find him something.

Weird Dog

Saturday when we got back from grocery shopping, we noticed we had left the pantry door open. When we leave the house, we close everything so Bowser doesn't destroy anything. When we saw the pantry door open, we were a little worried. We thought for sure all his chew sticks would be outside and some of the boxed foods.

We looked outside and saw this....a bag of potatoes. Out of everything that was in the pantry, he only picked potatoes. I only wish that I had gotten video of him dragging out this 10 lb bag out the dog door. Man...we have a weird dog.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 month stats

2 month stats
Weight 12lbs 2 oz 85%
Height 23 1/4 in 80%
Head 39 1/2 cm 75%

She also got 3 shots with all the necessary vaccines. The first shot didn't faze her at all then the second one got her. She screamed during the rest of them(thank you to the nurse that did them fast). Then I picked her up and she was done crying. Even when I was putting her back into the car seat she was cooing and talking like nothing happened. I just hope that this evening is as good. I love my baby girl. She has grown so quickly.
Callie at 2 months can...
hold her head up for long time periods.
follow us across the room.
rub her eyes and nose with her hands.
sleep at least 6 hours a night.
reach out to touch the wall or toys.
suck on a pacifier (she wouldn't take one at 1 month)
smile all the time.
make eye contact.
wear size 3 diapers (only the Huggie's Little Snuggler and Fisher Price brand)
coo and hold on nonsense conversation.
tell us when she is wet, and she does not like to be wet at all.
take her antacid medicine without loosing too much out of the mouth.
wear 3-6 month clothing and she is even in some 6-9 month pieces.
laugh in her sleep.

Callie in 2 months has experienced...
cradle cap.
baby acne.
acid reflex.
infection on her head. (we are not sure if it is a bug bite or something else)
her first rodeo.
lots of photo shoots. (momma needs the practice)
lots of kisses from the dog.
daily walks.
her first ward activity.
being sprayed in the face with milk. (more like a daily activity)
exploding out of every Sunday diaper. (I think she has something against church)

Monday, May 17, 2010

2 months

Callie is 2 months old today. The time feels like it has flown by. You bring so much joy to our lives. It feels like you were just born last week, but I can't imagine my life without you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Master Bedroom

There are many things on my project list, but when we changed the sliding door in our master bedroom to a window, I jumped at the chance to paint the room and get a new bedspread. When we moved in to this house, we put the dog door in our room. That way we could lock him out of the rest of the house. He was only a puppy then and chewed up everything left out in our room. Including our bedspread, blankets, pillows, mattress cover, curtains, and several other things. With the dog door in there we weren't able to close the door b/c the cat used the dog door also, and with the baby coming we wanted to be able to close the bedroom door.So with the baby coming soon we decided to move the dog door to the kitchen and take out the broken sliding door in our room (who needs or wants 3 sliding doors in their small house). We replaced it with a window that we can leave open in the night. We also get that whole wall back to put furniture on. Instead of painting the room white again, I choose a bedspread and then picked a color to match. It ended up being the color Dark Storm Cloud, and it really does feel like a dark storm cloud. It is very relaxing and reminds me of the storms back in Kansas that we don't get here in Idaho.Loren didn't know that I had bought the paint and on Monday night I snuck away while he was holding Callie and painted the window wall. About an hour later he wondered where I was and came looking for me. He caught me just finishing up. He loved the color. So after it dried I moved the bed under the window. We really liked the bed on that wall with the wall being the only one painted. We couldn't decide if we only wanted that as an accent wall or to paint the whole room. After having some friendly advice and having issues with opening the window behind the bed, we decided to paint the whole room and move the bed back to the original wall. We love it. Now all I need to do is buy or make some window treatments and hang some pictures and we will be all done.

Now on to the Master Bath...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day this year and it was a wonderful day. It started out on Thursday when I was sent roses from Callie and Loren. Then last night when my sweet husband cooked me a wonderful steak dinner. Callie ended up sleeping a full 8 hours last night and then slept the whole 3 hours of church. Then Loren cooked me biscuits and gravy for lunch and then homemade Chinese food for dinner. Callie was in bed by 9:00pm. I even was able to take some pictures of my little bundle of joy. Happy Mother's day to the wonderful women in my life.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 weeks

Callie is 7 weeks this week and has grown so much. Only a couple weeks ago, she learned what a pacifier was. Since we got her a new one that is a little longer she can keep it in her mouth, as long as she isn't pulling it out with her hands.

Her hands are another thing. She is learning to grip, hard. She often times grips on to my clothing while she is nursing, and today grabbed on to my hair and wouldn't let go. When we are changing her diaper, she enjoys reaching over to the wall and feeling the texture. She also likes to play with daddy's goatee while he is rocking her to sleep.

Callie is such a good baby. In the morning she will lay in her bed and talk to the monkeys on the wall for at least 30 min. She is getting better entertaining herself and looking at things. Today she spent about 15 min on the floor talking to her toys and/or the TV.

Little Cowgirl

We love the handmade cowgirl gear. Grandpa Turnbow made the baby chaps and Jake Smit (Loren's Uncle) made the rocking horse. I guess they are trying to get her to become a little Cowgirl. The name Callie Turnbow does sound like a barrel racer. I'm sure she will be riding horses as soon as she can sit upright.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Trying to get a smile!

Callie has been smiling for weeks, but getting it on film is a little difficult.