Monday, January 31, 2011

Leg warmers

I saw a neat blog the other day were they made baby leg warmers out of woman's knee highs. I saw these cute socks and knew I had to make Callie a pair of leg warmers. They turned out pretty cute. I love it with her little tutu.
Snack time with daddy.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

On my way

I started making patterns for my quite book on the computer last week. Yesterday I cut out all the paper patterns. Today I've got most of the felt cut out and wording stitched. I'm getting very excited about the results. This picture is with the felt all layed out, but not stitched on. It will bring the pages to life once I add all the buttons, snaps, and stitches. My plan is to write an easy pattern for it and sell the pattern, a kit(with all the letters and wording), and also sell the whole book put together. On Etsy a similar pattern is selling for $21.50, a kit for an 8 page book for $11, and an 8 page book for $38. I can't find the kit or the completed book for a 26 page book. What are your thoughts on pricing?

If this sells well, I've got other plans for quite books.
Zoo animals
Bible stories
Book of Mormon stories

I'm getting excited about it just writing about it.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


If you knock it over and can't get it back up. You better just improvise.

Playing with Artard

This morning this is what I found in the kitchen. Callie playing with the cat. It was too cute.

Top Hat

The other day we were eating lunch and Callie was enjoying watching Top Hat with me. She never really watches TV, but she was really enjoying the music and the dancing.


Every night Callie gets really giggly. She especially likes it when dad sneezes. Don't look at my dirty house behind them. That room is our throw all and right now is craft central/toy room.

Lawn mower

Since Callie has learned how to walk, she has been able to play with a bunch of new toys. She especially likes the lawn mower she got for Christmas. The only bad thing is that when she hits the kitchen it goes a little too fast.

New projects

I did a whole bunch of Valentine projects these past couple of weeks, but ended up getting stressed trying to get them done too quickly before the holiday. Therefore, I took a break and started working on more stockings. For some reason I feel relaxed doing these? Who knows! Here is a glimps into my 2011 collection.This one isn't like the rest, but I thought I would throw it in here too. I made this stocking from an old sweater and I think it came out pretty cute. I will be making more of these too, I just have to go find some second hand sweaters.This week is stockings, next week is quite books. I've got all the patterns drawn out on photoshop, all I need to do is make it. I'm pretty excited to start the ABC book. Hopefully I can make a good pattern to sell as well as the book. Stay tuned to see it!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Months

Our little girl is now 10 months old, and growing way too fast. Callie measures in at 85 % for her height and 50% for her weight. She really has gotten tall this past month. She is wearing 12-18 month clothes, and some she has already grown out of 18 month clothing(companies need to make a standard size).Callie has picked up walking these last couple of weeks, but will only walk if you tell her to walk. She will not wear shoes, so going outside to walk is limited. If you tell her to go get her monkey , she will walk to it and bring it to you. She has really begun understanding many of the words we use around her. Callie has also started showing signs of talking. She knows how to say momma and dadda, but has now started saying dou dou dou when she is trying to get the dog. I even hear her say or try to say diaper when she is getting her diaper changed. She is still as naughty as ever. The other day she was crawling towards the dog food and I was behind her, she turned around and looked at me and then laughed while she continued faster towards the food. The dog door is an every day fight with her. She throws her little temper tantrums when you take her away from the door too. I have a feeling we are going to be outside all summer.Callie now has 5 teeth and the 6th is about to pop through any day now. I'm really glad I stopped nursing when I did, because it hurts when she bites. Biting...I don't know what her issue is, but she bites me all the time. My arm, my leg, anything she can get her teeth on, but she doesn't bite Loren at all. What does that mean? Another thing that she does that is pretty funny is that she pulls on my shirt until my lady parts are exposed and then shoves her head in like she is looking for something. I guess she does miss nursing.

Callie is eating everything. This past month we started cheeses and yogurts. She loves them. Even today we let her try a cheeto and she was covered in orange by the end of lunch. She still loves all of her veggies and fruits, but now has added meats and cheeses to her liking. She has just recently realized she can spit things out if she doesn't like them. She doesn't like swiss cheese, but I can' t blame her. She even spit out Kraft Mac and cheese. We can't believe how fast the months are going. It's hard to believe that she will be 1 in 2 months. I'm so glad that Callie is in our lives. She is such a hoot and I love her little personality, even when it drives me crazy some days.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Computer Chair Slip Cover

I was trying to think of things I could make for the gamer who plays World of Warcraft and I thought of this...a computer chair slip cover. Our computer chair use to be really comfy, but the padding has become non existent lately. I hate the look of a pillow sitting on the chair, so with this slip cover we can cover up the ugly pillow. I made this cover to sell, but I'll be making one for us in a different fabric. The chair is so comfy now with the pillow and the soft fleece.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Last night we went grocery shopping and we were paused in the frozen food section. Across the way was parked a little boy in another shopping cart. He started to wave to Callie, and Callie waved back. We've always had to prompt her to wave, but tonight she did it on her own. It was pretty cute.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Well, Loren finally did it. He opened his Etsy site. We are going to be posting gaming stuff on there and it will be a place Loren can put his leather working stuff on (belts, dog collars, etc). We didn't want my site to be so random, so we decided to keep the thing separate. We only have the stocking up so far, but we will get more things up soon (hopefully).

I sold it

I was shocked when I got on my email this morning and found that this gem sold. I was thrift store shopping the other week and ran across this 80's fringe jacket. I had to buy it and try to sell it on Etsy under their vintage section. I posted it on January 4th and it sold today. It sold for $25 in 5 days. I'm so shocked someone bought this...well, I guess I did buy it first. This was a great profit for little work, sorry I can't tell you how much I purchased it for. I'll have to go find some more gem's like this.

Friday, January 7, 2011

rocking with crazy hair

Watching TV

Callie has never paid attention to the tv. She might look at it when music comes on and start dancing, but that is about all. Yesterday I turned on a cartoon and she watched the full 30 min of it. She was having fun sitting in the big seat and rocking by herself too. While she was playing on the couch, her hair was standing straight up. I was trying to get a photo of it, but couldn't. I did grab these cute photos though.I love that cheesy grin of hers.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My new toy

Loren bought me an embroidery machine this last week, and I'm so excited about it. Not only can I do longer and more beautiful names on my Christmas stockings, I can now personalize burp clothes, bibs, and blankets. It's going to be so much fun.