Saturday, July 7, 2012

Then onto Grandma's nails

 After painting Grandpa's nail, Callie had to do Grandma's nails.  She loves painting nails and mommy only lets her do clear on hers, so having purple was so much fun for Callie.  Now all the paint isn't on the nails, but she is getting better.
 The finished product. 

Fruit loop necklace

 Callie got her first candy necklace on the trip over to grandmas and she loved it.  So I bought some fruit loops to see if she would like it as much.  She got about 5 on the string and was done.  Maybe another day.

Last minute family picture

Walking over the railroad bridge after fishing.
 Stopping and trying to get a family photo.
 I think these photos would have turned out really good if we had a bit more time and were prepared to take pictures.

Monday, July 2, 2012

First Time fishing

 Callie loved fishing.  I couldn't believe how brave she was touching the fish. 
 Daddy helping Callie hold the fishing rod.
 Loren trying to snag one at the waterfall.
 Grandma assisting Callie in her first outdoor potty experience (she didn't go then, but she did go when we were driving back to Boise and there was no where to stop)
 Callie watching Grandpa fish.

 Travis helping Callie catch a fish.
 Reeling in another one.
 Holding the big catch.
 The Aunts showing Callie the worms.
 Walking back to the car.
 Walking the tree with Grandma.
Stopping to take a rest from the busy exciting day.  Sure do love this little girl!


Grandpa was brave enough and let Callie paint his nails. 

Fun at Grandma and Grandpas

For fathers day this year we made the 5 hour drive over to St. Anthony to spend time with Loren's family.  One of the days we were there, Grandma and Callie got to run through the flooded lawn.  Callie had a blast being chased and splashing all around.