Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Callie's first Halloween came and went so fast. We did celebrate it by buying some candy for the trick-or-treaters and putting our little girl in the cutest costume ever. We walked across the street and visited the elderly lady and spent the evening with Aunt Miranda. We ended up having a ton of goblins show up at our door tonight and Callie and Bowser enjoyed greeting each one. We hope everyone had a wonder and spooky Halloween. Thanksgiving is on it's way.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 months

Life has been busy with travel and being sick. Callie turned 7 months on the 17 of October and I have just now had time to post.
Callie has grown so much this last month. She is now very mobile. While in Kansas she learned how to crawl on all fours and hasn't stopped. She pulls up in her crib which makes putting her down to bed a little harder. She has 2 teeth and a couple more on the way. She talks all the time. I think she has said her first word (mum), but Loren doesn't believe me.She is a great eater, but doesn't like fruit that much. She does love her veggies and cereals. We have started giving her table food, and loves if it is off our fork. We love watching her chew with her two little teeth.
The photos this month were a little harder to take. She was wanting to crawl away the whole time. I'm sure it will just get more difficult.We sure do love our little girl and the personality she is showing us each and every day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall

Callie has discovered herself in the mirror and it keeps her entertained for a couple minutes.But so does the cat.

Cuddle time with Daddy

Callie enjoys her cuddle time with daddy. In this picture you can see how she reaches up and plays with his goatee. I even love cuddle time, because I have my hands free to do something else.


With the weather getting cooler and the leaves beginning to turn, Fall is heret. I love this time of year. The grass is so green. The falling leaves are tones of yellow, orange, and red. It is just so beautiful outside. I was carrying groceries in the other day and let Callie and Bowser play in the front yard. They had a lot of fun.

They both found a stick to chew on.

Bath Time with the Cat

The Cat has had more interest in Callie recently. He wants to be involved with everything.


Callie won't leave me alone when I'm on the computer, so I have to get her involved.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Harvest Pictures

After finding these cute overalls for Callie, I knew I had to do a harvest/pumpkin photo shoot. While I was in Kansas my mother suggested that I take pictures in front of the Home Depot in their fall set up. I kept telling her no, because I didn't want to look stupid. The more times I drove by and stopped to get home improvement stuff, the more I liked their display. One evening we snuck up to Home Depot when the sun was setting and got a few photos. I think they turned out pretty cute. Don't look too hard though, you might see some of the price tags on the pumpkins that I didn't turn around. I could have gotten better photos, but Callie had a horrible cold and I didn't want a manager to come and scold me, so we did it very fast. The pictures came out pretty cute though, but I do have to do a shout out to Home Depot for the wonderful display.

Air Show

While we were in Kansas, Callie and I were able to go to the Air Show. It was pretty fun for me, but for Callie it was a different subject. It was very hot there that day and we had to slather her in sunblock. Then the planes were too very loud and she wouldn't keep her earplugs in. And then it was naptime...there is never a good thing during nap time except for a nap. Maybe in a few years we will try it again. We did all enjoy the kettle corn.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Callie's First Airplane Ride

Callie and I flew back to Kansas in September to help my family out. We got tickets for early in the morning and prayed that Callie would do well. Things worked out and she was only fussy on the last plane for about 10 min. The trip back was a little different. Callie got a cold while in Kansas and was not happy on the last flight. Not only was she very fussy, she pooped on the landing and it leaked and got all over me. Not pleasant at all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010