Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The purple room

   Callie's new room is turning out great. I'm very excited to have her bed done and her curtains made.  I love how the curtains came out with the big bold stripes.  I still want to add some homemade art work to the walls, but for the most part we are done. The cat even likes looking out the window into the front yard.  At first Callie was having a hard time sleeping through the night and taking a long nap for mommy, but things are getting better.  Lets just hope everything is good before the baby comes. Callie is very excited whenever someone comes over to show them her purple room.

    The babies room is coming right along too.  We've got the crib set up and all the decorations up, but we are missing a few things that are in the attic.  That will have to wait until dad comes home to get down and set up.  I do have all the boy clothes up to 2T washed and put away in drawers or hung up.  I'm now working on the hospital bag to be extra prepared (I know I still have a couple of months left, but why not get ready when you have the energy to do so).

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The room change

Because we are expecting a little one to join our family in 3 months, we are trying to the room swap.  Callie helped pick out paint and then helped us paint this little section of her room.  She is so excited to move into the big girl room with a new wall color and new bed.  We are trying to make it a very special thing so she won't miss her old room and will allow the baby to have the nursery. Now to finish up all the decorating in Callie's room and then I'll share a picture

It makes me happy knowing that I won't have to redecorate the nursery since it is unisex.  Everything is much harder with a big belly in front of you.  I am excited to get all the baby stuff out again and get the drawers filled with clothes since last time we didn't know what we were having and couldn't have the clothes and things all ready.  .

Winter Wonderland

 This is what I woke up to the other morning and it was absolutely beautiful.


 We have gotten so much snow here in Boise this year.  After Loren's 2 hour commute home this day (usually only takes him 30 min) he played with Callie out in the snow.  We walked over to the drainage ditch in our neighborhood and Callie would ride the sled down and he would pull it back up with the rope that was attached (I know we are lazy, but Callie loved riding the sled both up and down the hill).  Callie had so much fun in the snow and we had to talk her into coming inside.

Fake fingernails

I got a little Dora the Explorer nail kit on clearance after Christmas.  We were trying to hid it under my coat in the cart so we could give it to Callie for her birthday.  She was walking along side the cart and saw it under my coat and was too excited for it that we couldn't take it away.  When we got home, she really wanted to have the nails put on.  They didn't stay on but minutes, but it was a new experience for Callie and it was pretty fun watching her face with them on.