Monday, January 30, 2012


Callie loves balloons. Every time we plan on stopping a few places to go shopping. We stop and get her a balloon and she is entertained the whole trip. It also helps mommy find her if she steps away in a store. In the picture she is at home holding her balloon while she eats her fruit snacks (she loves fruit snacks and asks for them hourly).

Pizza Night

Pizza night visits our house frequently. Our favorite is BBQ Chicken. This night Callie got to help roll the dough out. She really enjoyed being a part of the construction of the pizzas.

Bad News

This last October we found out that we would be expecting a baby. We went in for our first Doctors appointment in December and found out that the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks. The Dr. told us that we could wait for the nature to take its course and miscarriage naturally or have a D&C. After having a second ultra sound and verifying that the baby hadn't grown, we decided to have a D&C. The week before Christmas I had the operation. Christmas wasn't the best this year with everything that went on, but I think all the things going on with Christmas kept my mind off of the loss.

I've dealt with this loss much better than I thought I would. Maybe mentally I wasn't prepared for baby number 2. But I understand why this happened and it makes sense. I'm amazed at how complex our bodies are. My body knew that something was not right with this pregnancy (whether it was the brain not growing right or the heart not forming correctly) and it stopped the pregnancy. Maybe the child that was going to get this body, didn't need to be tested here on earth, it only needed a body. I'm happy that I was able to give him or her that gift. We won't know until after this earthly life on whether or not this is true, but I can't wait to find out.

Since I've had a healthy pregnancy before, the Dr. said that it shouldn't be an issue getting pregnant again or having another healthy child. We are going to wait a bit though. We don't want a holiday baby, so we will do some planning.

I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life. It gives me hope, comfort, and knowledge. I'm grateful for this body and the unknown power it really does have. I'm grateful for my husband that has been by my side this whole time.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Funny Faces

Here are our funny faces. Lets see your funny faces!

Look at my new beauty!

I was craving to go shopping (we didn't get to do much Christmas shopping), so Loren took me out thrift store shopping.I found this awesome table at the DI and it didn't have a price on it. All the rest of the tables had $40 on them, but they were way worse off then this one. I asked what the price was and they had to go and pull out the pricing lady. She said that it was just new to the store today and that it was much higher cost then the other tables there. Because she was in the Christmas spirit she gave it to us for $40. I was amazed.

It has a leaf to extend the table to fit around 10 people. It does need a little help on the finish on the top, but who doesn't like a little work to make it your own. It also doesn't have any chairs, but I wanted to do a mismatch look with all black chairs or maybe even different color chairs. I do love the chunky legs. I'm hoping it fits in the house and doesn't look too big. We will just have to see.

Doctor or Vet?

I couldn't believe it when I turned around and saw Callie giving her babies a checkup. It was too cute. I love seeing her use her imagination and creativity.

Christmas with the family

We were able to have Loren's family over for Christmas dinner and open a few gifts together. Callie received a cute little bouncy horse with reins (she hasn't figured it out yet though). Lots of books, play dough, and toys. Grandpa even made her a pair of chaps for her to wear while riding Rowdy.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

This year we spent Christmas together at home. Call enjoyed opening her stockings.
But was soon distracted with the fruit inside.She loved the Mr. Potato Head set sent from Aunt Susan and Marquel from Kansas.Daddy was surprised by the food strainer Santa brought.Daddy ended up opening up most of Callie's gifts because she got a little distracted.Christmas morning was a great even if Loren had to open most of the gifts.

Christmas Eve

Our weather was so nice on Christmas Eve, that we had a chance to rake up some leaves and Callie had a blast jumping into them.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Decorating the tree

The tree has been up since July, but we finally got around to decorating it a week before Christmas. I got all the ornaments out and Callie and Daddy decorated the entire tree. Callie loved looking at each ornament. It was fun seeing her excitement to see each one. It was a nice evening spent with the family.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

What is she doing?

The other day Callie was playing and all of a sudden dropped everything she was doing. She ran into the kitchen and grabbed the rolling pin. She came back and rolled her fruit snack wrapper flat. (we've never shown her how to use a rolling pin)
Then she continued to fold the trash.After she had it flat and folded she asked for tape. I went and got her tape and she put it on the fold. Maybe she was wrapping a gift? or making something? But what a creative mind. I sure do love this little girl

Potty Training Santa?

I went into the bathroom and found this. I guess Santa has to go too sometimes.

The Gingerbread house

This year there weren't many Christmas activities that I got around to doing with Callie, so I decided to buy one of those Gingerbread house kits. Callie loved putting the candies on the house. She did so much better than what we thought she would.Deciding on where to put the candy.
Putting the candy on the spot.
Finishing off all the left over candy.
Sorry for the pictures of the little girl in a diaper. Every time you put clothes on her they come right off.