Monday, August 4, 2008

Our first ER Trip

So it's been a month or so, but wanted to blog about our first ER Trip. It all started when Loren and I were making dinner. We had a wonderful dinner planned out: Fish, Rice, and Zucchini. I was prepping the fish and rice and Loren was chopping up the zucchini and I mentioned how wonderful our slicer is (makes everything the same size) and right then off comes his finger tip (the same size slice as the zucchini). Blood squirted everywhere. We quickly wrapped his finger up and tried to stop the bleeding. We weren't planning on going to the ER, but after searching the Internet about fingertips and not being able to stop the bleeding, we pack up and drove the short drive to the ER.

Luckily we went to the Eagle ER which no one was there. They rushed him back to a room while I got him registered. While he was back there they gave him a tetanus shot and put a tourniquet on his finger to stop the bleeding. It took them about 15 min to get the bleeding down to get a bandage on. As you can see in the picture, the bleeding soaked right through the bandage. We got all finished there and made a trip to Walgreen's to get his meds and stuff to take care of his finger with. Then we headed home to finish dinner.

We got home and found the finger tip laying on a piece of zucchini, which almost made me loose it. We removed that piece of zucchini and finished dinner. It was a great dinner, but taught Loren to pay a little more attention while he uses our slicer.

Loren's finger is doing great now. He had a lot of pain (especially because all those nerve endings were exposed). But the Norco helped him with it. The hardest part of the whole ordeal was that it was his right pointer finger and he works with computers for a living (ouch)! His finger nail has grown back and the 1/4 inch of finger that was chopped off has come in fine. All he has to show of it now is a tiny scab. I'm just glad that our first ER trip wasn't life threatening.

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