Monday, January 12, 2009

Two offers, what are we thinking!

We are still on the house hunt, well I guess we have found two houses we really like. We have actually put in two different offers. The first offer we put in was an offer for a Short sale. This is the buyer lowering the price and having the bank take a loss. These sales take forever. Many can take up to 4 months. With a short sale, you can jump out at any time for any reason. We walked through the house and like it. It is across from the community park, has a huge back yard, the always loved bonus room, and is located in Boise. But who knows how long the bank will take to approve it.
Then 2 nights later we went and looked at this house.

This house is a bank owned home and has about 70 ft more square footage, but seems so much bigger. The layout was a little more pleasing also. It is located out in Meridian, but the price was just right so our realtor wrote up another offer. He told us the morning we were writing the offer someone else had already put an offer on it under price. We agreed to the full asking price and quickly put in our offer. We'll see if the bank accepts it now. We will keep both offers in, until one has been accepted and gone through the inspection.

We are very excited for either home. We are already wanting to pack. I'm sure the Lord will take us where we need to be.

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Desta said...

So cool! Good luck.