Monday, February 23, 2009

Update on the house

We found the perfect house and put an offer on it. We beat out several other bids on the house and got accepted. We were so excited. We scheduled the closing date of February 17th. That way we could put our 30 days in the rental, have a weekend to move in and a week to clean the rental and then be out by February 28th. We had it all planned out. We had a carpet stretcher and cable scheduled. All of our appliances were being delivered on the 20th. Family was coming in to help us move. Everything was going to be perfect, but then...

Citi bank decided to close down for 2 weeks. We were buying a bank owned property and knew we were going to have some problems, but never new it was going to be like this. All anyone could get was a recording telling us that they weren't going to be closing any houses until the 18th. So there went the original plans, and then on the 18th we couldn't get any response either. We had to make the decision to cancel all deliveries and installations. Then on Friday we get the news that Citi bank sold all of their Repos to another bank. Yikes! We really don't know what will happen now.

Citi bank did sign a contract saying that we had to close before February 28th, but who knows now. We were able to reschedule everything for this Friday and we have scheduled a signing on Thursday. But who knows if that will actually happen either. I'm just glad that the place we are now will let us pay per day for this next month. But hopefully we will sign on Thursday, get the keys on Friday, and move in on Saturday. Then we can pay for 2 more days in March and get the place all cleaned up (we really want our $500 back).

So this is were we are. It has been a long stressful month, but I think our house is worth waiting for. In a few months it will be water under the bridge.

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Koreena said...

How annoying! So sorry. Hope everything goes through for you this week!!