Sunday, July 12, 2009


Our cat is so weird. We picked him up as a stray at our previous place and took him with us to the new house. He loves us so much. Below are some pictures of our crazy cat. Artard taking an afternoon nap with Loren, hiding in the used Costco boxes, playing in a glass bowl, trying to get into a small box, and enjoying an egg roll. We love our Artard.


The Hardy Things in Life said...

What a crazy cat!! Hope are doing well!!

Desta said...

Sorry we didn't get to stop by when we came through (yesterday). A trip that should have taken 10-12 hours took 14.5 instead and by the time we were near Boise we knew we wouldn't be getting home until 1:30 am as it was, so we just drove straight through. The kids were a wreck anyway, so you wouldn't have wanted to see us. Better luck next time.

Alexis said...

So who got the G1? It is a sweet phone. I have one too :)