Friday, November 6, 2009

21 Weeks

How our baby's growing: Our baby now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long — the length of a carrot. I may soon feel like it's practicing martial arts as it's initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. I may also discover a pattern to it's activity as you get to know the baby better. In other developments, our baby's eyebrows and lids are present now, and if I'm having a girl, her vagina has begun to form as well.

I am starting to feel the baby move around a lot. It is still mostly fluttering, but every once in a while I feel a big move. I thought that the movement would be wonderful, but this fluttering stuff kind of makes me sick feeling. More like motion sickness. I'm sure I'll start feeling different after the fluttering is gone. Other than that, life for me is busy. I've had something to do every day this week after work. Tuesday I went to the Chiropractor, tried to help with dinner, made a dessert, went visiting teaching, and then went to a Relief Society meeting (this was what the dessert was for). Wednesday after work, I helped with dinner, went visiting teaching and collapsed in bed around 9:30. Thursday after work, I helped with dinner, and went visiting teaching for 1 and 1/2 hours, and then went to bed at 9:30. Tonight I am planning on attending a dinner with Loren for the primary teachers.

We just got new Visiting teaching routes and the sisters I visit have way different schedules, so I had to do one a night. But I'm glad that I set it up that way. Each visit ended up being at least an hour. I'm very excited for this new route and the chance to get to meet these wonderful woman in the ward. I'm very blessed to have the time and energy now, so I'm taking advantage of it. I also wanted to make sure they were seen before the craziness of the holidays and to make sure they have a holiday meal. Even each day on my lunch break is filled with my relief society calling. I feel like all I've been doing is church, but it is good. When you can serve others, it makes you feel better about yourself and life.

I just hope that Loren and I can get some rest this weekend and have some time to work on the house. Our plan is to finish up the guest bathroom (it needs a second coat of paint on the ceiling, and touch up painting on the walls), and then we plan on starting on the master bathroom. We also plan on cleaning out Loren's side of the garage so he can pull in the truck. We'll have to see how much energy we actually have to get it all done. Lets hope!

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The Hardy Things in Life said...

Man I can't believe you are 21 weeks already, over half way there!! Good luck with painting this weekend!! Have fun!!