Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Randy and Rene (Loren's parents) came into town for Randy's birthday. Every time they come they always help with projects. This weekend, we had them bring their rototiller. We got our flowerbeds ready, our garden ready, the fence re-done, the tall tall grass mowed, and the cement patio broken up. It was great to have their help with the projects, but even better to have my hands freed all weekend from holding Callie.
Rene rototilling the flowerbeds to put the strawberries and raspberry plants.The garden is rototilled and ready to be planted (we aren't suppose to plant yet because of freezing weather). The chain link fence was still in the process of being fixed.Here my strong husband was breaking up the cement slab. Don't mind the mismatched siding, before Callie was born we took the sliding glass door out of the master bedroom and put in a window. We love the window being there. We can open it and not worry about someone just walking in, and who really needs 3 sliding glass doors on the back of their small home. Our next project is painting the outside of the house.Callie was outside with us most of the day and wasn't bothered by any of the noise. Here she is being held by Grandma Turnbow and allowing me to get some stuff done.Bowser loved us all being there and being outside with him. He ran around with a big smile all day long. Here he was laying claim to his post that he chews on.

All in all it was a very productive weekend. Thank you so much for all your help Randy and Rene, and Happy Birthday Randy!

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