Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Food Storage

Loren and I have really been working on gaining a food storage. Our church has been telling the member that we need to have a year supply of food. You never know when you are going to loose an income and or have a major disaster. Loren and I have been working on our food supply for the past 2 years. In our kitchen pantry we have about a 3 month supply of food. We have expanded to all parts of the house. The laudry room pantry. The guest bedroom plant shelf. The garage. We even had to raise the cat food and put totes of flour, sugar, pasta, and much more. But it does help to keep the dog away from the cat food. I had a lot of fun canning this year which has helped in our efforts. We ended up getting 4 quarts tomatoes, 12 quarts carrots, 19 quarts greenbeans, 47 quarts peaches, 7 pints peaches, and 11 pints of peach jelly. We even froze much of the produce from our garden. We have 2 gallon bags of green beans, 1 gallon bag of corn, 2 gallon bags of tomatoes, and 1 gallon bag of green peppers. Next year we will try to get 52 quarts of each veggie and fruit. When it comes to meal planning it will make it a lot easier (each week we get to open a jar of each and when they are gone they are gone and we have to wait for the next week to open a new jar).

Food storage does bring a peace of mind. I know if anything happens to us, we will be prepared. Now for this next year we will be working on a year supply of other things : toilet paper, tooth paste, personal needs, water (I better start making room in the garage), and anything we use within a year.

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Tim, Jennie, Paisley and Moose said...

Good for you guys! It is something we are always working on.