Monday, February 28, 2011

11 Months

Callie is about 11 1/2 months, but I just now got to taking her photos. Not only is she growing way too fast, she is getting way too fast. Therefore these pictures are not the best.She loves bath time now that we allow her out of her bath chair. When we tell her it is bath time, she will say "bath time" and run towards the tub. Callie's vocabulary is growing. She can say mom, dad, dog, cat, bath time, and diaper.She has 6 teeth and a couple that are about to pop through. She has started turning away food that she doesn't like. She loves cookies. If she sees the box, she will carry it around with her until she gets one.
This kid has an obsession with shoes. If her closet doors are open, she will spend hours in there playing with her shoes. She will bring over a pair and sit in your lap for you to put them on her. Some days she even wants to wear them over her jammies. We are going to be in trouble if this obsession continues.She has learned that she can lay down on the floor and continually plays while laying on her belly or her back. She loves looking under the couches and beds to see if there is something under there.

Callie loves to dance. Every time she hears music she will stop what she is doing, listen and dance. Before her dancing was moving up and down, but now she is swaying from side to side. She even danced to the hymns we were singing at church yesterday. We love being able to fast forward through commercials, but hate that we miss her dancing. We sure do love our little ham.

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Howells Fam said...

She's so cute! I hate it when they get so big that their pictures are impossible to take! Carlee is still like that, I can't get her to pose for pictures to save my life! Callie's were darling though - she's super cute!