Thursday, July 7, 2011

What a find!

I was reading this blog that I love and she had just posted pictures of a room she had just redone. It was gorgeous, and I was thinking, I can do that. So I hopped over to craigslist to see if there was something I need to buy. I did a search for furniture under $50 and this beauty came up.

Last month we sold my queen bedroom set to get a king size bed. We have been living out of plastic bins. I was planning on redoing furniture and making our room more of a collection. So...when I saw this for $25, I was very excited. Loren and I went and took a look at it and it was in great shape except for the paint and that is what I had planned on doing. I love the vintage look, but most of all I love the vintage hardware.
Loren dropped it off so he could return the pickup vehicle (thanks Kyle) and before he had returned, I had the hardware off and was sanding this bad boy.
I'm so excited to redo this piece. The only problem is I don't know what color I want to paint it. I want your opinion. Loren and I love the room the color it is (storm cloud blue)
and I need to have it go with that color.
I want to step out of the norm of black or white. What color should I go with? Take a peek over at Krylon and let me know what you think! Thanks


Melanie said...

I think a stonewashed denim, or bahama sea would look good. Maybe mix something a tad darker in with it.

A.J. said...

I think a pop of yellow would be cool. I like the Satin Meringue on the Krylon website.