Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Catch up

I'm sorry I am just now posting pictures of our trip to Kansas. We got back to Idaho and I was tackled by Etsy orders. On top of that, I had to plan a bridal shower, help with parts of the wedding (by the way Mandy, it was beautiful), canned 60 quarts of pears, 48 quarts of peaches, 7 quarts green beans, 7 quarts tomatoes, 7 pints salsa, and got called into the Primary presidency at church. Wow...just looking back, I'm shocked I've even got anything done.

So for the next few days I'm hoping to blog a lot of pictures and hopefully some videos of Callie from the past month. But don't get mad if it takes me a couple of weeks. I'm in the process of canning spaghetti sauce and many other things, writing 2 sewing patterns, sewing a 9 page quiet book and all the rest of my Etsy orders, planning a neighborhood BBQ, and writing and preparing for a primary program in October for church. Lets just hope I have enough energy to get through it all plus all the Christmas orders on their way (cross your fingers they are on their way).

The other day I was on Pintrest and I found a girl who copied my COLOR fabric quiet book. I was so mad. She isn't trying to sell them, but still, change the color or do something different. I guess she did do something different. She changed the flowers to balloons. I guess I just need to design a little boy's COLORS book, and I have just the thing in mind. But back to my story, I was so frustrated and thinking of the new things I need to do I overdosed on my Zyrtec. I had grabbed 7 pills from the bathroom and sat them down on the bed to put them in the weekly container. I caught myself putting #5 into my mouth. I usually dump all my nightly pills on the bed and take one by one. I just never remembered to put the 7 Zyrtec away. I quickly woke up Loren and we called poison control. The nurse on duty said I would be fine, but that I would be really sleepy. I couldn't believe that I had been so occupied with this lady copying me that I took so many pills. I guess I've got to be carefully staying up too late.

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