Sunday, December 30, 2012

Personalized Christmas Ornament

 My sister gave me a personalized Christmas ornament of my wedding pictures a few years ago, and I decided to do an ornament of each year of each child.  By the time they all are gone, I can do a whole black and white tree of photos that will last a life time.
Gather all of your pictures from the past year and turn them black and white.  Size them small so you can get lots of them and the curve of the ornament won't cause too many creases.  Print with a ink jet printer.
Cut out all of your pictures.

Clip each side of the picture to help with the curve of the bulb.

Mod Podge the bulb and place pictures around the ornament.  To keep the bulb from rolling away place on a cup.
Make sure to overlap each picture a little bit to cover all the bulb.  Mod Podge over the entire ornament for a smooth finish.  Also dab a little mod podge on your finger tip and press any of the creases and edges that have raised back down. 

Add a bow or gift tag for the most memorable gift you can give.

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