Thursday, October 9, 2008

Saying good bye to the jeep

While working at Ashley Manor as a Marketer, I used a company car to do all of my driving around. In February they decided to sell all of their company cars and since I was still working out of the car, Loren and I decided to purchase the car from them. We got a great deal. They sold it to us for $3000 and it blue booked at $5000. For the past 8 months we have owned 3 cars (Car, Jeep, Truck). We drive the car everywhere and use the truck for moving, camping, and other things. So in June we put the Jeep up for sale.
It blue books at $11,800, but it needed new tires. We priced it at $11,500. As the summer drifted away and funds got tight without me working, we continued to lower the price. The economy isn't the best place to sell a car right now, especially one that is used mostly for fun. Then last week I got an email with an offer of $10,000. Instead of paying for insurance this whole winter when no one drives it, we decided to settle on the lower price. I think we were a blessing for the gentleman buying it. He got approved for a loan but it had to be under a specific mileage and he was having a hard time finding a jeep with those specification. We will meet with the gentleman and his bank on Friday and sign over the title.
So this is my ode to my jeep...its been through a lot with me. Moving to Boise not knowing a single person and not even having a place to stay the first night. Starting my first career, and then switching it twice. Finding the love of my life and marrying him. I loved my jeep. Being able to take the top off and go rinding through the mountains was awesome.
As life goes on, so does the vehicle. I know someday I'll own another Jeep Wrangler. Right now in my life and where my future is leading (children and what not), the Jeep isn't right.
Good Bye Jeep.

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