Monday, October 20, 2008

Totally Bumbed

So...after two weeks talking back and forth with the guy who was going to buy the jeep, everything fell through. I guess he got pre-approved through Wells Fargo 2 months ago, and when he went back in, they wouldn't follow through with their pre-approval, economy and all. He then went to a credit union and got approved for $5000. He offered us the $5000 plus payments, but no way...he could totally jump ship and we would be out. We told him about our credit union (they didn't do any of those funny housing loans and they are sitting pretty right now). We are now crossing our fingers to see if things go through. I just hope this all wasn't a big scam. Do you think it was?

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West Family said...

I was talking to Michael the pre-approvals are only good for like 45 days at Wells Fargo. He also said something must have changed like his employment or something on his credit report, because they didn't get slammed by the housing stuff either, but they have always beens stingy on who they loan to. Good luck selling your jeep! It is probably good you didn't take payments. Some people offered similar things to my parents when they were selling the house.