Tuesday, December 28, 2010

9 Months

I just now got around to doing Callie's 9 month photos. It is getting way to hard to get a good picture of her. I miss the days she couldn't move. She always reaches for the camera or tried to get me. She is the cutest little girl though. Every time I say cheese, she smiles really big. I love her toothy (4 teeth) smile.
This past month Callie has learned how to cuddle, knows who mom and dad is and says it to the right person, and has learned that she needs to crawl faster to the dog door to beat us there. Callie loves books and will bring you books she wants you to read. She has experienced her first ear infection (at least we think so, the Dr. wasn't sure).
She has opened several wrapped gifts. Callie's hand eye coordination is great and continues to improve. She loves to play with her bean bags, books, and pacifiers. She hates getting into her car seat. Callie loves to be naughty by crawling out the dog door, playing with the plant rocks, and splashing in the dog water.
We love you with all our heart.

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