Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 30th Birthday Loren!

Last Friday was Loren's birthday and we had a little at home celebration. I decorated the kitchen, wrapped his present (Diet Mt Dew), and made him a cake. Callie and I took him out to dinner to Texas Roadhouse where we enjoyed our very unhealthy dinner. Loren even ordered grilled shrimp (he hates all shrimp except fried) and loved it very much. Callie even ate ribs, sweat potatoes, rolls, carrots, and cheese. She enjoyed the loud music and the waiters dancing (we might have to take her there for her birthday next week). We then came home and had cake. It's pretty sad that I made Loren light his own candles, but he got all 30 of them out in one blow. Happy Birthday Loren! Callie and I sure do love you!

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