Thursday, March 31, 2011

My little one year old

I still haven't gotten great pictures of my little girl, but I think that will be an ongoing fight from here on out. Callie had a wonderful 1st birthday. She went to the Doctor last Friday and here are her stats.
Weight 21lbs 2 oz 50%
Height 29 1/4" 60%
Callie loves to be involved in what ever you are doing whether it be sweeping the floor or pulling your hands away from the key board. She still loves taking baths and even puts her face under the water. She is becoming more of a picky eater, but she still loves her rice cereal. She is wearing size 4 diapers and clothes between 12 months and 2T. We have yet to get her car seat (we ordered it online and they are shipping it), but we are very excited to get her turned around. Callie has many emotions. She can be fine one moment and then screaming at you the next. She gets frustrated with toys if they don't work the way she wants them too, therefore some of her toys we won't allow her to play with anymore. She still loves watching Barney and we try to keep it to a 1 a day max. Callie loves to be outside and will escape out the dog door if it is left open. Her hair is growing and we can finally put it in a little pony tail. She loves play group and being around other kids. Even at church last week, she walked up to a little boy that is 1 1/2 months older than her, gave him a hug and put her head down on his shoulder. We sure do love this little gremlin.

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