Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Epic Giveaway, I need it bad!

We have lived in this house for 3 years now, and I still don't know what I want to do with our family room. It is long and skinny. We've tried many different arrangements and tested out a few paint colors and we are still stumped. I'm posting these horrifying pictures to win the Epic Giveaway from Mandi at Vintage Revivals. When the voting starts, I need your help to win. Things I want to do with Mandi's help!
Fix the hideous 80's fan and fireplace.
Find a way to hide movies and books.
Find a way to hide mommy's crafting business.Bring color into the room.
Find a way to disguise all the baby toys.Find a color for the naked walls.
Arrange the room in a comfortable setting.
Make it feel like home, with out looking like a disaster.

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Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

Love it! I love how you talked about what you want to do! We would have so much fun!! Good luck and thanks for linking up!!

Love your guts