Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sunday's are getting harder with Callie. Callie goes down for a nap at 10am and usually doesn't wake up until after 11am. I don't want to mess with her schedule, so we miss sacrament meeting. Then she won't sit still during Sunday school and Relief Society. If we are in class, she is usually going through other people's bags. It's a pain to keep her contained to just my bag or the area around me. Therefore, I spend all of the church we do go to, out in the hallway. I can't wait until she is 18 months and can go into nursery.

Don't mind the two spots on her forehead. She had a run in with the cement patio in the back. Callie was practicing crawling in and out of the back door when her foot got caught and she face planted into the cement. Poor little girl. She does look pretty cute in her little Sunday outfit though.

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Howells Fam said...

I like her little dress! I agree - Sundays are hard! Hopefully I'll be better about coming though, since on my new schedule I don't have to work as many Saturday nights! See you there!