Thursday, January 26, 2012

Look at my new beauty!

I was craving to go shopping (we didn't get to do much Christmas shopping), so Loren took me out thrift store shopping.I found this awesome table at the DI and it didn't have a price on it. All the rest of the tables had $40 on them, but they were way worse off then this one. I asked what the price was and they had to go and pull out the pricing lady. She said that it was just new to the store today and that it was much higher cost then the other tables there. Because she was in the Christmas spirit she gave it to us for $40. I was amazed.

It has a leaf to extend the table to fit around 10 people. It does need a little help on the finish on the top, but who doesn't like a little work to make it your own. It also doesn't have any chairs, but I wanted to do a mismatch look with all black chairs or maybe even different color chairs. I do love the chunky legs. I'm hoping it fits in the house and doesn't look too big. We will just have to see.

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