Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Garden

Loren and I planted a garden this year with tomatoes, brocoli, carrots, greenbeans, zuchinni, squash, acorn squash, cantelope, watermelon, pumpkins, corn, raspberries, and strawberries. We found out the hard way and know know that we need a permant watering system. It is way too hard when we both work and it stays 90 until the end of September (yuck) to pull the hose out and water everyother day. We don't have sprinkler system so we actually had to do this for the whole yard, and with our dog, we went through at least 2 hoses and a couple of sprinklers. We did end up getting quite a few veggies though. As you can see in the picture, this is the amount of tomatoes picked in one day off of 3 plants. We had zuchinni out the wazoo and now our pumpkins have taken over the whole garden. It's been a fun experience with our first garden, and hopefully we will have learned from our mistakes and I will be feeling better to get out there and take care of it.

Lessons learned this year:

  1. Don't plant a whole row of zuchinni (they grow too crazy)
  2. Don't plant winter squash (it's nasty)
  3. Dont' plant as much (it turned into a jungle)
  4. You need to water alot
  5. Make the walkways wider
  6. Always fence off the garden (dogs and manure don't mix)

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