Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Projects

Last weekend Loren and I got busy painting the babies room. He had primed the walls and ceiling and had also painted the ceiling, but I had to get all the fabric for the quilt, bumper, and curtains before we choose a color for the walls.

After finding the fabric we picked the color and spent the weekend painting. We even painted all the trim from a yucky creamy dirty color to a crisp clean white. It always feels so good to have one project out of your hair.

This weekend we didn't have much to do, so we decided to go out and get the crib and dresser we had been waiting to get when it went on sale. I'm glad that we went out this weekend. The first store only had the dresser and informed us that the crib was being discontinued. We quickly drove across town and went to the other store. They were out of the crib also, but they were nice enough to call the other store in Nampa. Luckily, they had one left. After dropping off the dresser at home, we headed out to Nampa to get the crib.
We brought the crib home and were too excited to wait until tomorrow to put it together. So our Saturday night consisted of us putting the crib together with the help of the animals of course. Then today we finished up the dresser.
I'm very excited to have them all put together and ready. Now on to all the sewing.

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The Hardy Things in Life said...

AWWW, what fun! i can't wait to see what the bed set looks like!