Sunday, February 7, 2010

34+ weeks

I haven't updated my blog in a long time. Life has been very busy with selling both cars, buying a new car, sewing the baby's room stuff, and just the exhaustion of being pregnant. As for the pregnancy, everything is going very well. I haven't gained any weight in the past month and the belly grew it's normal 4 cm those weeks, so the doctor and I are very happy. I'm sure the appointment tomorrow will show some weight gain. I've started getting hungry again and the baby feels like it has grown a ton. The baby moves all the time and the movements are getting stronger. Sometimes I have to push the baby away from my lungs and ribs. It is pretty neat when the baby does stretch out that I can push on the foot or leg and it will retract back in. I have had a few Braxton Hick contractions and actually had a painful contraction on Saturday. I'm trying to drink more water and relax more, but when you've got so much to do I can't lay still too long. And when I do lay down to rest, my belly really starts to hurt. I don't think I could be on bed rest, it would hurt too much. I do want to say thank you to my sweet husband for cleaning the house today, making stew and bread, and then rubbing my belly. Love you babe.

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