Monday, February 1, 2010

Our new car

We never thought we would go with a Ford again, but after driving this car we fell in love. We ended up purchasing a Ford 500. I've never been in a car with this much room. When you get into the front seats, it feels like you are getting into a SUV. You don't have to get down low to sit or anything. If you have the front seats pushed all the way back and I'm sitting in the back, I still have 7-10 inches between my knees and the front seat. Three adults can sit in the back seat comfortably, it is amazing. It is a 2007 and only has 18,000 miles. We are very excited about our purchase. I think it kind of looks like a grandma car, but I don't car one bit. Comparing it to the sportier cars we test drove, this one was so much better.