Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 weeks

Callie is 7 weeks this week and has grown so much. Only a couple weeks ago, she learned what a pacifier was. Since we got her a new one that is a little longer she can keep it in her mouth, as long as she isn't pulling it out with her hands.

Her hands are another thing. She is learning to grip, hard. She often times grips on to my clothing while she is nursing, and today grabbed on to my hair and wouldn't let go. When we are changing her diaper, she enjoys reaching over to the wall and feeling the texture. She also likes to play with daddy's goatee while he is rocking her to sleep.

Callie is such a good baby. In the morning she will lay in her bed and talk to the monkeys on the wall for at least 30 min. She is getting better entertaining herself and looking at things. Today she spent about 15 min on the floor talking to her toys and/or the TV.

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