Monday, May 24, 2010

2 month stats

2 month stats
Weight 12lbs 2 oz 85%
Height 23 1/4 in 80%
Head 39 1/2 cm 75%

She also got 3 shots with all the necessary vaccines. The first shot didn't faze her at all then the second one got her. She screamed during the rest of them(thank you to the nurse that did them fast). Then I picked her up and she was done crying. Even when I was putting her back into the car seat she was cooing and talking like nothing happened. I just hope that this evening is as good. I love my baby girl. She has grown so quickly.
Callie at 2 months can...
hold her head up for long time periods.
follow us across the room.
rub her eyes and nose with her hands.
sleep at least 6 hours a night.
reach out to touch the wall or toys.
suck on a pacifier (she wouldn't take one at 1 month)
smile all the time.
make eye contact.
wear size 3 diapers (only the Huggie's Little Snuggler and Fisher Price brand)
coo and hold on nonsense conversation.
tell us when she is wet, and she does not like to be wet at all.
take her antacid medicine without loosing too much out of the mouth.
wear 3-6 month clothing and she is even in some 6-9 month pieces.
laugh in her sleep.

Callie in 2 months has experienced...
cradle cap.
baby acne.
acid reflex.
infection on her head. (we are not sure if it is a bug bite or something else)
her first rodeo.
lots of photo shoots. (momma needs the practice)
lots of kisses from the dog.
daily walks.
her first ward activity.
being sprayed in the face with milk. (more like a daily activity)
exploding out of every Sunday diaper. (I think she has something against church)

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Ali said...

She is just beautiful.

Dexter exploded at church too. I loved it when he got older and I didn't have to pack extra clothes and an extra sack in the diaper bag.

Enjoy her every movement!