Thursday, May 13, 2010

Master Bedroom

There are many things on my project list, but when we changed the sliding door in our master bedroom to a window, I jumped at the chance to paint the room and get a new bedspread. When we moved in to this house, we put the dog door in our room. That way we could lock him out of the rest of the house. He was only a puppy then and chewed up everything left out in our room. Including our bedspread, blankets, pillows, mattress cover, curtains, and several other things. With the dog door in there we weren't able to close the door b/c the cat used the dog door also, and with the baby coming we wanted to be able to close the bedroom door.So with the baby coming soon we decided to move the dog door to the kitchen and take out the broken sliding door in our room (who needs or wants 3 sliding doors in their small house). We replaced it with a window that we can leave open in the night. We also get that whole wall back to put furniture on. Instead of painting the room white again, I choose a bedspread and then picked a color to match. It ended up being the color Dark Storm Cloud, and it really does feel like a dark storm cloud. It is very relaxing and reminds me of the storms back in Kansas that we don't get here in Idaho.Loren didn't know that I had bought the paint and on Monday night I snuck away while he was holding Callie and painted the window wall. About an hour later he wondered where I was and came looking for me. He caught me just finishing up. He loved the color. So after it dried I moved the bed under the window. We really liked the bed on that wall with the wall being the only one painted. We couldn't decide if we only wanted that as an accent wall or to paint the whole room. After having some friendly advice and having issues with opening the window behind the bed, we decided to paint the whole room and move the bed back to the original wall. We love it. Now all I need to do is buy or make some window treatments and hang some pictures and we will be all done.

Now on to the Master Bath...

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