Saturday, August 21, 2010


With our garden booming this year, I have taken up canning. With my first batch of green beans I used a pressure caner that is Loren's grandmothers. The pressure dial gauge was broken, so I don't know if the beans were canned right. And because we don't want to get food poising from them I dumped them. The past couple weeks I've been blanching the green beans and freezing them. I don't know how those will taste when we use them again, but it was worth a try.

Then last night when I was picking veggies from the garden, and had picked a big metal bowel full of green beans. I didn't want to freeze this batch, so I called around the neighborhood and ended up borrowing a pressure caner from a friend. Loren and I canned 6 quarts of green beans and had a zip lock of fresh beans left over. The canning process was very simple and I can't wait until next week to do another whole batch. After we get our caner fixed, I can't wait to try canning all different kinds of things.

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