Sunday, October 10, 2010

Harvest Pictures

After finding these cute overalls for Callie, I knew I had to do a harvest/pumpkin photo shoot. While I was in Kansas my mother suggested that I take pictures in front of the Home Depot in their fall set up. I kept telling her no, because I didn't want to look stupid. The more times I drove by and stopped to get home improvement stuff, the more I liked their display. One evening we snuck up to Home Depot when the sun was setting and got a few photos. I think they turned out pretty cute. Don't look too hard though, you might see some of the price tags on the pumpkins that I didn't turn around. I could have gotten better photos, but Callie had a horrible cold and I didn't want a manager to come and scold me, so we did it very fast. The pictures came out pretty cute though, but I do have to do a shout out to Home Depot for the wonderful display.

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Nikki said...

What an awesome idea! The look great! (I didn't see any price tags) I think Callie has to be the most photogenic baby ever! Bron for the camera!