Friday, October 8, 2010

Callie's First Airplane Ride

Callie and I flew back to Kansas in September to help my family out. We got tickets for early in the morning and prayed that Callie would do well. Things worked out and she was only fussy on the last plane for about 10 min. The trip back was a little different. Callie got a cold while in Kansas and was not happy on the last flight. Not only was she very fussy, she pooped on the landing and it leaked and got all over me. Not pleasant at all.


Nikki said...

SHE IS SO ADORABLE!! Ever picture of her gets cuter and cuter!!

Plane rides are hard. They are forced to sit and be still and QUIET! It's hard for me and I am an adult! well legally anyway.

Howells Fam said...

I'm glad you guys had fun on your trip! Carlee's first plane ride wasn't all that much fun either! She did pretty well, but even the 15 minutes that she fussed, was enough to make you feel like all the other passengers were wanting to throw us out the window!