Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 months

Life has been busy with travel and being sick. Callie turned 7 months on the 17 of October and I have just now had time to post.
Callie has grown so much this last month. She is now very mobile. While in Kansas she learned how to crawl on all fours and hasn't stopped. She pulls up in her crib which makes putting her down to bed a little harder. She has 2 teeth and a couple more on the way. She talks all the time. I think she has said her first word (mum), but Loren doesn't believe me.She is a great eater, but doesn't like fruit that much. She does love her veggies and cereals. We have started giving her table food, and loves if it is off our fork. We love watching her chew with her two little teeth.
The photos this month were a little harder to take. She was wanting to crawl away the whole time. I'm sure it will just get more difficult.We sure do love our little girl and the personality she is showing us each and every day.

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