Thursday, November 18, 2010

8 Months

Callie is 8 months! Where did the time go? She has grown so quickly this last month. She crawls like an expert. She wonders around the whole house all by herself. She cruses around the furniture and has let go a couple of times. She has a 3rd tooth finally coming in. She loves to crawl and climb on people. She plays all day with a basket full of binkies, but won't take one. I stopped nursing her (too much biting, and she wasn't getting enough) and has now just started taking bottles during the day. She has started taking longer naps during the day.

She loves to read books, especially ones with animals. She will whisper, scream, and even growl at you.Callie says momma and dadda, but not to the right people. She loves dropping balls into things; cups, spinney toys, etc. She loves to be chased while crawling. She helps pick out her clothes and all the rest of her clothes out of her drawers in the morning. When she wants down, she will squirm until you let her down.

Callie loves to get into the pantry while mommy is cooking and pull everything out. She even chewed on a apple dipping Carmel container until she opened it and ate some Carmel. She still loves her veggies and is slowly beginning to like fruit. She has become very demanding. If she doesn't get her food fast enough, she bangs on her highchair. She can pick up her food with her thumb and pointer finger and feed herself. She always tries to take the spoon away from you and if she does, she throws it right on the ground. She loves Popsicle and shaved ice (thanks Grandma).

Callie has experienced her first full body rash this past month. She is still getting over one of her worst colds. She has wiped boogies all over our furniture. She loves to be outside and will scream and shake when we go outside because she is so excited. She cried when I put her back into the stroller to come back home, she was having too much fun in the leaves. She doesn't have enough patience when it comes to mommy taking pictures. Here are the ones I could get in their raw form, no editing done except for cropping, and I think they came out pretty well. Thank you neighbors for letting me use your yards, fences, and benches as my backgrounds

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