Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Funny Things

I have to blog about these before I forget about it. Callie is getting this little personality that cracks Loren and I up.

Two weeks ago when Callie was sick, she had a very runny noise. I was sitting in the chair in the family room and she was standing in front of it. She would put her face to the chair to rub her noise on the chair, then pull it back very slowly to watch the boggies make a string from her noise to the chair. She continued to do it for about 5 min. I wish I had had my video camera, but I couldn't stop laughing or get out of the chair.

Callie has begun giving kisses, but if she decides to give you one beware. She kisses with a mouth wide open and slobbers all over you.

She has learned to chase us and the dog. The past couple of days we will crawl and hide behind the couch and she will come and find us and when she does she just cracks up laughing.

Callie just sits and talks to herself, but growls at us.

She has been sneezing a lot lately, and when she does she laughs.

We love you Callie, you are too funny and make us laugh everyday.

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