Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baby Room

 We finally pulled down all the baby stuff from the attic and the babies room is all ready.  I added some pictures above the crib that weren't in the room when Callie was in there.  I had found this cool book with all different animals and got some cheap frames from Goodwill and painted them.  They turned out pretty neat and go with the room perfectly. 
 I got a lot of hand me down baby boy clothes, this is just 6-9 month shirts and onsies. They are all washed and ready to be used when the time comes.
 His friends awaiting his arrival.
 Even the drawers are organized. 
 Car seat, diaper bag, and baby blanket are ready to go.  We are getting pretty excited to meet this little guy.

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Howells Fam said...

Holy cow! You are so organized - are you coming to do my house next?? I can't wait to meet the little man too, Porter needs a little buddy!!