Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mud Pies

On Monday, Callie laid down on the couch to watch a show and hopefully take a nap.  I went in to work on a few work projects and the next thing I know Callie is in the back yard digging in the dirt and adding it to Bowser's water dish.  I opened the window to listen to what she was saying and she was talking to herself about the mud pie.  Then all of a sudden she would lift the bowl up and smell it and say yuck and then continue to work on it.  After she got it to the consistency she wanted, she tried feeding it to Bowser.  I kept hearing her tell Bowser to open his mouth and eat his dinner and that he is really going to like it.  I love that she is at the stage where she can pretend and play by herself.  I remember doing this as a child too, so hopefully she will have good memories of getting dirty and playing in the dirt.

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