Monday, March 18, 2013

Funny things

Callie amazes us every I thought I would jot down a few things that have happened this past week. 

1 - Callie did math with out prompting.  Loren had given her 2 gummy worms and gotten 2 for himself.  She told him that she didn't want 2, but that she wanted 3.  She suggested that he give her 1 of his so she could have 3 and that he would only have 1.  Maybe she should already be at this stage, but it amazed us that she knew how all that worked even when we haven't worked on it with her.

2 - Last night we were playing Candy Land as a family and she was helping Aunt Cossette pick her cards.  Callie was doing good by always taking from the top of the pile, then all of a sudden she gave Aunt Cossette a card from the bottom.  We were all a little confused, until she pulled the top card for herself and it was the fairy princess and she got to move herself to the finish.  Little cheater!  She has never played this game until now, but we were all a little shocked that she even knew how to cheat.  It made us all laugh.

3 - We were out for a walk this last week and Callie saw some bugs flying around.  Instead of saying shew bug, she kept saying "shoot bug".  Maybe Loren is prepping her for hunting season.

4 - Last month the cat was being naughty and Callie said "Damn Cat".  Loren and I just looked at each other in shock.  We couldn't help but laugh.  This is an oops on our part.  I guess we must watch we say around her nowadays.

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