Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I think it turned

I've been feeling this baby move since week 16. Yesterday the spot where I feel the baby the most, changed. I've always felt the baby kick low, right on my bladder and back towards my tailbone, probably because it was breach. Now the kicking and moving is up high right under my ribs. The kicking is so much more dominate. Loren had his hand on my belly and with my hand over his, I still felt it in my hand. I can actually see my belly move too. I sit at work and laugh at my belly moving. I guess I get entertained at the littlest things. This movement makes me happy unlike the the other movement. I don't think the baby takes a break at all though. It moves all the time. So with all that said, I think the baby turned. Lets hope that it doesn't turn back breach before the birth.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds awsome!
here's to hoping for a beautiful baby!