Thursday, March 25, 2010

Labor Day

Monday the 15th, we met with the Doctor and I measured at 4 cm and 80% effaced. The Doctor was quite shocked that I made it through the weekend. He was going to be on call on Wednesday and offered to do an induction if I made it to that day. The day came and we were at the hospital at 7:00am. We checked in and got settled into our room. They started an IV and had some issues with the first one and had to do another one.

They started the pitosin at 1 mg and every 15 min added 2 mg. I couldn't feel the contractions until about 11:00am. The pitosin was up to 21 mg when the contractions hit every 1.5 min for 45-60 sec. They were strong and long. After 5 of them, I signed up for my epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and gave me the epidural. The epidural hurt, but nothing compared to the contractions. After getting the epidural I looked up and Loren was standing there just staring at me. His face was so pathetic and sad. He felt so bad that I had to go through all the pain and there wasn't anything he was able to do.It was wonderful immediately after the epidural. The pain was gone right away. My body got heavy and hot. It was very nice. I did feel a little funny that I couldn't move my legs, and had a difficult time rolling from side to side. I was able to watch tv and even take a nap. My body continued to prep itself to have the baby. Around 4:00pm, my lower right back started to hurt. Loren started to rub it, but the pain wouldn't go away.Around 5:00 the nurses checked and said it was time to start pushing. After about 30 min of pushing, the pain in my back was very bad. Every time the nurse would lift my leg and put it down, I had sharp pain in the same spot and it started to shoot down my butt and into my leg. By then, I could feel all the contractions. They put me on oxygen and had me continue to push.

After 2 hours of pushing and not getting anywhere, the doctor suggested using the vacuum. I was ready for anything. The pain was quite bad and I was ready to give up and get a c-section. He started to set up and by 7:40pm he had the vacuum on the babies head and told me to push on the next contraction. While I pushed, he pulled the babies head up from behind my pelvic bone and the head popped out. We were suppose to call the NICU team down before having the baby (meconium baby precautions), but the baby came with only one push.The amniotic fluid splashed out while delivering the baby and got the doctor, nurses and I soaking wet. They quickly held up the baby and Loren got to announce that we were having a little girl. They wisked her off to her own bed. The doctor told the team that it wasn't a meconium baby and that everything should be fine. They still sucked out her lungs just to make sure.

The doctor got working on me and the nurses started working on our new baby girl. I couldn't see much of what they were doing on the baby. I only remember that the pain in my back was gone and I was so exhausted. The doctor stictched me up with me being able to feel everything, but it didn't come out like he wanted it too. He called for more epidural and a local anethitic, so I could relax and he could do the job he wanted too.

Even though the labor (pushing) part of the whole thing was 2.75 hours, it felt like it flew by. After about 2 hours in the delivery room, they wheeled us up to the recovery room. At this time, family got to come in and visit for a short moment. Loren went home to get some rest and the baby and I got some rest in the room. She fed at 2:00pm and then I sent her to the nursery and we both got some sleep for the next 4 hours.

On Thursday we decided on the name Callie Paige Turnbow, after much thought and consideration. We left the hospital on Thursday before the 24 hour delivery mark, and went home to try it on our own.

Loren and I are happy that we have this little spirit is in our home. We love her with everything in our beings. I can't imagine our life with out Callie. Even though there are hard times and sleepless nights, we still love her and will not have done this any other way.


Koreena said...

Sorry you were in so much pain! She's such a beautiful baby and I love her name! Congrats!!!

Lindsay said...

Congrats on your pink bundle of joy! Your story labor story is great and shows how strong of a woman you are, you should be proud!! Take care. xo

Dale & Sarah Pratt said...

WOW! I still can't believe that you went the whole pregnancy without knowing. That would drive me crazy!

Nikki said...

That is awesome! Once you feel the pressure in your back even with the epidural you know it is time to push! I can't imagine pushing for almost 3 hours! How exhausting, but you did a great job and she is beautiful!!! I am so happy for you! Congrats!